Colours of Life - LFW SS21

2020, what a year it has turned out to be! A year when each and every one of us have been on an emotional rollercoaster of our own clutching at straws, exhausting every ounce of the positive feeling inside of us to get through these challenging times, in order to look ahead to wonderful times again. Just as we all look forward to seeing the beautiful rainbow after the rain.
With the Art & Entertainment world and shows either being cancelled or postponed it was anyone’s guess if London Fashion Week would go ahead. Thankfully, the pandemic provided a bit of reprieve for the event to commence. Respecting all social distancing measures, very few designers opted for physical shows at London Fashion Week. Amidst all the mayhem the overwhelming factor was the encouraging change in people’s mindset of viewing fashion “as an investment and not just a piece of garment”.
Thus, hot on the heels of a successful debut last year, Vz Perfection by Vaishali launched her Spring/Summer 2021 collection physically to a delighted, socially distanced audience at Hard Rock Hotel in London.
There is no denying that there is a direct link between colours and our emotions. The array of colours used by Vaishali in her designs each signifying the emotions which infuse positivity, it is no surprise the collection is aptly titled “Colours of Life”.
The collection is created beautifully with unique designs and exquisite creative pairing of Satin, Lace and Denim fabrics adding different textures to the garment in bold colours featuring, Yellow representing happiness and optimism; Green representing growth and harmony; Coral representing change and health; Pink representing romance and gentleness; Blue representing calm and integrity.
The collection also features Vaishali’s futuristic vision of Wedding Dresses which is represented in her Denim collection. In an ever-changing world and the strange time we live in Brides are having to rethink their Wedding and constantly in search of Bridal Dresses that they can keep forever and wear it on different occasions. This vision is stunningly captured in the finale Show Stopper, a Denim Skirt, Ivory Lace Top and the Veil in Rainbow colours with a hint of glitter at the end. The Denim Skirt and Ivory Lace Top can be mixed and matched with other garments in the wardrobe to create an outfit that can be worn during the day or as an evening wear.
The Show Stopper not only portrays the futuristic vision and it follows the primary theme of the collection with White representing new beginnings, just as we all are looking forward to new and wonderful times ahead.