Gin-spirational Last-Minute Mother’s Day Gifts from Silent Pool!

Gin-spirational Last-Minute Mother’s Day Gifts from Silent Pool!

Still searching for that perfect Mother’s Day present? The Mother’s Day countdown is well and truly on… meaning it’s high time to buy that thoughtful gift for your mum or that special mother figure in your life… and Silent Pool Distillers have the solution!

From delicious drinks (and it’s not just handcrafted gin on offer!), to glitzy candles and appealing apparel, Angela Sara West offers some last-minute gift Gin-spiration, spills on her stunning Silent Pool shoot in the Surrey Hills with her own mum for Mother’s Day 2021, discovers celeb fans of the brand, including Amanda Holden and Joe Wicks, along with Agatha Christie connections, and chats with the company’s new celebrity ambassador, Surrey-based TV star, Laura Hamilton.

When an unexpected invitation dropped into my inbox late last week, I was straight on the ‘phone to my much-missed mum.

“Mum, how are you fixed on Monday 8th March? Silent Pool Gin want to treat a Surrey-based journalist who has worked through lockdown, and their mum or mother figure, to flowers, and (best of all) GIN! You up for it?!!”

I needn’t have asked if she fancied this decadent treat… a bit of a no-brainer, her response to this very-much-welcomed proposal was a resounding “Yes, please!”

Gin glorious gin… we’re willing to try it! And wow, were we in for a treat…

Styling it out in the Surrey Hills

This exciting event would also entail a socially-distanced photoshoot, so my next call was to my go-to fashion designer, Vaishali (known as V) from Vz Perfection, whom I’d met at Denbies Wine Estate’s Christmas Fair in Dorking last December. The Surrey-based stylist trained at Guildford College, and has gone on to showcase her wonderful work at London Fashion Week, alongside creating glittering jewellery collections, so, when it comes to top-to-toe styling, I know I’m in the best of hands.

A huge fan of Silent Pool Gin herself, V had arranged for the brand to create a very special bottle for her last big birthday, and was, therefore, particularly inspired by this impending photoshoot, focusing on perfectly mirroring the attractive teal blue of their beautiful bottles and Copa glasses in my elegant attire. Turquoise and teal just happen to be my favourite colours… Style perfection!

With Mum the main star of the show, V matched Mum’s elegant bright red coat with a poppy-peppered scarf from her Vz Collection, which worked so well, I’ve subsequently purchased it as an extra Mother’s Day pressie.

Teal, gin, my mum… a match made in heaven!

My fresh designer look would be accompanied by my lovely Louis Vuitton bag from Dorking-based business glamonmygrid, a sustainable brand that buys and sells your no-longer-used vintage and new designer fashion.

Outfits sorted, now, there were a few things to shuffle…

Being a busy freelance journo, my Monday morning was choc-a-bloc with work deadlines and other commitments, but this special event with Silent Pool Gin was an offer I simply could not refuse. I managed to move a few things, but there was one very important thing that I was not willing to change… 

Back to school…

As a mother myself, it was the long-awaited school return on Monday for my eight year-old son. Finally marking the end of homeschooling  for all of us frazzled parents-turned-teachers, the stress at last lifted from our shoulders, those challenging days of juggling full-time jobs with this relentless task was now (hopefully!) all in the past… and for that, we take a bow! 

The return to school was a very big deal for both kids and parents alike, following so many months stuck indoors at home. And the latest lockdown had proved the hardest of all, with not only the pressures of the pandemic and homeschooling, but Christmas without our families, missing friends more than ever, and the cold winter weather… All taking their toll before the transition to school, which would pave our way back to the ‘norm’.

Let’s face it, it’s been a tough 12 months for all, and with the constant changes and challenges, I’m sure Harry wasn’t the only child to shed a few tears before bedtime the previous evening, before foot-dragging their way to breakfast and the notorious palaver of getting them out of the door…

And, of course, I also had to get MYSELF suited’n’booted for the shoot… just wish Boris was also allowing hairdressers to open today!

Prior to all this, a rushed trip to the shops to pick up the balloon bunches I’d promised for Harry’s school here in Horley, to celebrate his and his Yattendon classmates’ big return and for being such champions during lockdown, was another priority, in my voluntary role as a ‘Friend’ on the school’s PTA. This little token would also hail all those multi-tasking mums like me, plus dads and carers who have had to juggle the heavy pressures of pandemic home-schooling with holding down full-time jobs. 

Mission accomplished, Harry, my husband and I arrived early at school to set up the blue and green balloon bunches around the big ‘Welcome Back’ banners. But, those pesky elves must have been at play again because somehow the ribbons had got their knickers in a proper twist and tangled in the breeze as we’d walked them up the road, causing chaos solved only with scissors!! 

As for Harry’s nerves, the second he saw his best friend, Viola, set foot in the playground all reluctance quickly dispersed. With the classroom calling, they raced back into school together, beyond excited… and they didn’t look back! With a tangible excitement in the air, we joined in with the millions of other parents across the country simultaneously letting out a tangible sigh of relief.

Wiping the home schooling sweat from our weary brows, that particular pressure of the pandemic now out of hands, we could finally return to the usual routine, our kids safely back in the hands of the pros.

Celeb fans

Fresh from the emotive school drop-off, I headed off from our home in Horley to the heart of the Surrey Hills...

I'd never been to Newlands Corner before but, as it happens, it was high up on my bucket list of places in our wonderful county to visit this spring or summer. The area always receives such great reviews, and many of the famous faces I have interviewed for Surrey Life and Time & Leisure magazines have mentioned it, along with Silent Pool, too.

Lockdown lifesaver Joe Wicks is a Silent Pool Gin fan, who adores jumping on his motorbike to head to the Surrey Hills. “I love going through all those beautiful little villages, Shere (where ‘The Holiday’, starring Kate Winslet and Cameron Diaz was filmed)… Ripley… Send… all of those nice places for riding. I just love living in Surrey!” he told me.

I’d also been given a glowing recommendation of Newlands Corner from former Strictly Come Dancing stars Flavia Cacace and her Hollywood actor husband Jimi Mistry. “We LOVE Newlands Corner with its beautiful views,”  they said during my interview with the dancing duo about their love of Guildford. 

The area also hits the right notes for United DJs presenter, DJ Mike Read, too. Mike grew up and was schooled in Surrey, and the Saturday Superstore and Top of the Pops host is a big fan of the birthplace of the wonderful gin my mum and I were about to try. “I love the Silent Pool near Guildford," he gushed.

And the award-winning DJ, who spent many poptastic years presenting BBC Radio 1’s Breakfast Show (where I subsequently worked on the station’s Entertainment News shows), also raves about those Surrey Hills Newlands Corner views… a place firmly on his playlist. “The southern high points have breath-taking views across the weald to the South Downs.” 

As Chairman of the British Plaque Trust, celebrating Surrey greats with those prestigious blue plaques you might have spotted around the area, Mike particularly enjoys commemorating the county's captivating past. "Rich in heritage, Surrey has a fascinating history, and is still the most wooded county," he explained.  

The first steps to lockdown freedom… A date with Gin!

Following Boris’ announcement of the first partial lifting of restrictions, I’d already arranged to meet my Mum for a walk in a park sometime this week, somewhere halfway between Horley, where I now reside, and Carshalton, my home village where my parents still live.

But this incredible invitation from the innovative brand not only brought our much-anticipated get-together forward by a few days, but upped it by a billion levels.

Silent Pool sure had some sensational surprises up their scrumptious sleeves…

Blow that coffee on a bench, BoJo - GIN on a bench is the way to go!

On Monday 8th March, as Boris allowed us to finally meet up with a loved one, albeit only for a socially-distanced walk or perch on a park bench for a coffee, the luxury English gin distillers made sure they took him up on the opportunity… big time…

To celebrate being able to spend time with one of our nearest and dearest again, following such a tough lockdown, the brand took over THE bench with a view in the idyllic Surrey Hills, decking it out with delightful flowers to create a lovely experience for my mum and I in the lead-up to Mother's Day this Sunday.

A sensational Surrey Hills shoot

They say ‘say it with flowers… ‘ and Silent Pool Gin pulled out all the stops to make sure they did just that, and more… The award-winning distillers festooned our outdoor rendez-vous with floral displays combined with fresh citrus fruits, their luscious aromas filling the chilly air.

As an added bonus, the arrangements just happened to feature a few of Mum’s faves… An avid flower fan, she knows ALL of the Latin names, and, fortuitously, they’d used a few of her faves… Tangerine-tinted tulips and roses, mixed with mimosa and fragrant cherry blossom complemented the fresh orange and clarifying mandarin infused in Silent Pool’s iconic gin.

With the day seeing the first lifting of the lockdown restrictions, Monday marked a momentous occasion for all. But that was not all we were celebrating… alongside finally meeting up with Mum, coupled with the big return to school for my son, Monday also marked International Women’s Day, celebrating women the world over. What with the week beginning the lead-up to Mother’s Day, too, with a whole whirlwind of events and emotions, we genuinely had it all going on, a heady concoction of sentiments running high…

This was a day for a multitude of joyous celebrations, and what better way to celebrate it all than with flowers… all topped off with delectable gin! This was set to be the most bloomin’ marvellous day with my beloved mum.

What’s more, this exact spot was one of my late maternal grandma's (her mum's) favourite places, which she continued to visit long after my grandad passed away… So many emotions… so many things to celebrate...

Reuniting for the first time in many months, looking down on our a hugely-emotional, socially-distanced meet-up on a beautiful flower-bedecked bench at Newlands Corner, I’m sure Grandma would be saying, ‘You go, girls!’

Making Memories with Silent Pool

Alongside excelling in her own role as a doting grandmother, known as ‘Nanny West’ to Harry and my adorable niece Sophie, Mum has remained a pillar of strength throughout my life. Through my many times of adversity, from my horrific house fire, to when I broke my leg a few years ago, she’s always been there for me, through thick and thin. Going way beyond the calls of duty in my many hours of need, I could not have asked for a better mother. My rock, my inspiration, my mum.

Not forgetting, of course, my very dear dad, who’s overcome plenty of hardship himself. Bombed at home as a six-year-old in World War II, he’s also three-time cancer survivor… like a cat with nine lives!

For decades, Dad’s dedicated his spare time to volunteering at his local Rotary Club in Carshalton, shaking a can in the name of charity, whatever the weather, and knocking on doors during the Father Christmas float rounds, helping those in need around the world. At the age of 62, during his year as President of Carshalton Rotary, he even completed the London Marathon in aid of the RNLI.

I was over the moon to see my Dad, albeit from a distance, at Newlands Corner too. Dad played chauffeur for the day on Monday, driving my mum over from my hometown of Carshalton, where they still reside, so she could enjoy a nice Silent Pool drink (or two!) during our amazing adventure in the Surrey Hills.

Mum, meanwhile, is Immediate Past President of Inner Wheel, Rotary’s ‘sister’ club, whose members also do their massive bit for good causes. And mum has certainly served her time there, too… As a volunteer for many years, she continues to do so for both charity and the fantastic friendships the club has afforded.

Gin o’clock!

Both now, thankfully, jabbed up, on arrival at the set, we were reassured by the top team on the shoot that all social distancing would be observed, and were handed some lovely little bottles of Silent Pool’s own brand hand sanitiser. We were then introduced to talented photographer Will Ireland, who made us both immediately feel at ease in front of the camera.

Following a few test shots, it was time to be treated to that gin… and what a gin it is… With 24 unique botanicals delicately decorating the transparent and blue bottle and gorgeous glasses, for which the brand is also admired, the teal blue magnificently mirrors the still cerulean-coloured water from the adjacent Silent Pool from which it is made.

As we posed for pics in a picture-perfect panorama, emotive tears filled our eyes… What a vista it was… Not just any view, this surely must be one of the county’s, if not country’s, finest.

Situated in the heart of the Surrey Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, the stunning scenery here showcases Surrey at its best. With woodland walks and a busy secret bird garden to boot, Newlands Corner will have a place in our hearts now forever.

A GIN-tastic Mother’s Day Gift

A particularly poignant reunion in such a very special spot, we were both beyond grateful for this wonderful opportunity to finally be able to get together again. Taking in spectacular Surrey views, sipping on the superb Silent Pool spirit, made for the best reunion ever. To see my mum so delighted, this amazing gift had already more than made her day…

However, having captured more than a few tearful moments on camera, we then welcomed yet another surprise… not only did the luxury English distillers lay on a beautiful floral-bedecked bench with bountiful bouquets, Surrey’s sensational gin makers had even laid on a gin waiter, plus an indulgent afternoon tea!

Having also gifted us a lavish lunch at this most perfect of pitstops, complete with our very own gin waiter, this was THE ultimate Mother’s Day package, a timeless gift and experience that will live in our memories forever. Priceless…

The drink

The exquisite luxury English brand been applauded with awards and accolades a-go-go, and it’s not hard to see (and taste!) why…

Inspired by the beauty surrounding their small distillery, the intricately-realised Silent Pool Gin is lovingly distilled using no fewer than 24 botanicals. Handcrafted in the Surrey Hills, Silent Pool uses a unique blend of botanicals to create its distinctive flavour, resulting in a crisp, clean gin featuring layers of flavour… lavender, juniper, chamomile on nose, the addition of citrus fruits create the perfect fusion. A long-lasting flavour with a dry finish, Silent Pool Gin is renowned for those delicious botanicals, blended harmoniously to create a romantic, complex flavour with soft, smooth finish, achieved with the help of velvety local honey. Gin perfection!

Refreshingly individual, this refined, handmade gin is full-bodied and flavourful, reflecting the depth and clarity of the famous Silent Pool itself. Subtle spice and delicate florals… this premium

craft drink is now THE gin for me.

Whether you prefer it neat over ice, or as part of the Silent Pool G&T, punctuated with a dash of your preferred tonic, possibly topped off with twist of orange zest to garnish, it’s a deliciously-refreshing drink all year-round. Or try serving Silent Pool mixed with elderflower tonic and garnish, with a slice of fresh pear and ice.

Rose on the nose…

IDEAL for Mother’s Day, with the bottle brandishing a pink copper ribbon to denote the drink’s delicate rose flavour, the brand’s Rose Expression Gin also offers an unrivalled unison for the senses. Savour the flavour of fresh floral and clarifying citrus notes entwined, grounded by earthy, spicy cassia bark and cubeb.

Sharing the Silent Pool Gin DNA, delivering the same complexity and refreshingly-individual character, their Rose Expression Gin’s core recipe has been refined to compliment and enhance the rose notes, distilled with a unique rose tea infusion to create a distinctive, yet delicate, flavour. Lemons are the leading citrus fruits within, while a few of the original botanicals - bergamot, pear, cubeb and cardamom – are also expertly augmented.  

Famous fans - A Gin in the Sun!

Surrey-based TV star, entrepreneur, business owner and mum, Laura Hamilton, is this unbeatable gin brand’s new celebrity ambassador. “I first became aware of Silent Pool Gin a couple of years ago, when its beautiful teal and copper bottle caught my eye in my local Waitrose,” Laura tells me. “A year later, I got to visit the Distillery whilst working on a Surrey Life fashion shoot, she explains.

“I was blown away by the beauty of the Silent Pool and its stunning location, nestled in the sprawling Surrey Hills. But, as a Surrey-based entrepreneur and business owner myself, I was also super impressed with Silent Pool Distillers as a business. Innovative, independent and committed to distilling the finest handcrafted spirits in a sustainable and ethical way. What’s not to like?!!”

The presenter of Channel 4’s popular overseas property show A Place in the Sun says she’s proud to take on the role as ambassador to the brand. “I’m delighted to support a fellow Surrey-based business and to be their official brand ambassador.”

Other famous faces who have visited the distillery include ITV’s Good Morning Britain presenter, Charlotte Hawkins, and the Countess of Wessex, while well-known visitors to the brand’s Gin Garden at the Chelsea Flower Show in the past include This Morning presenter Phillip Schofield, BBC Radio DJ Jo Whiley, crafty property expert Kirstie Allsopp, and Virgin Radio Breakfast Show host,

Chris Evans.

Gin-spiration! The Silent Pool story

Distilled on the Duke of Northumberland’s Albury Estate, Silent Pool Gin was inspired by a group of friends’ common passion for craft distilling, seeing them come together to create a new kind of distillery which would produce handcrafted, artisan spirits with uncompromising quality.

In this extraordinary location, they transformed a group dilapidated farm buildings on the banks of the legendary Silent Pool into the home of the Silent Pool Distillers. In keeping with the original vision for a sustainable business, they restored a vintage wood-fired steam boiler to power the specially-created, hand-built copper still, while their bespoke stainless steel tanking was designed to hold both the spirit and the crystal-clear water used to make their spirits.

Sustainability, Sustainability, Sustainability

This idyllic rural location serves as a constant reminder of the Silent Pool distillery’s need to work sustainably to minimise the impact on both the local and wider environment by reducing their carbon footprint and waste, and the company also contributes to the upkeep of the Silent Pool.

Boasting ethically-sourced ingredients, Silent Pool Gin also contains harmonious honey sourced from a neighbouring beekeeper. By supporting this local supplier, the business has helped to build the number of hives from two to 12.

And it came as no surprise to me when the team revealed that they have “lost count” of the number of customers telling them their teal glass bottles are far too lovely to throw away… So, if you send them back, the green-thinking team will fill them with botanical-scented soy wax and create gin-scented candles to reward you with fond memories of your favourite drink. Keen recyclers, they love nothing more than upcycling their bottles and giving the gift that keeps on giving.

Gin-gin… Win-win.!

The Silent Pool source

Just along the way from Newlands Corner, which is located on a chalk ridge of the North Downs, lies an ancient deep pool, formed thousands of years ago from pure, cold, spring water filtered through the wooded chalk.

A fascinating sight to behold, this is the Silent Pool which serves both as the source, and inspiration, for Silent Pool Gin, created with love at the distillery built on its banks, overlooking the pool.

Steeped in history and set within the privately-owned Albury estate, it has been revered as a sacred place of spirit and mystery. As a shimmering Guildford gem, the spring-fed lake lies on Lower Chalk, at the foot of the North Downs just east of the town, and is managed together with the Newlands Corner by the Surrey Wildlife Trust.

Sheltered by towering trees and sparkling like sapphires with its azure shade, the Silent Pool dates back to The Ice Age, and is renowned for its tranquillity and natural beauty. The opalescent pool’s lake water exhibits a gorgeous blue hue, characteristic of chalk spring-fed ponds.

Since 2014, water from the Silent Pool has been used in the production of gin on a site adjacent to the pool. Collecting the water for distillation early in the morning, magical mist still clinging to the surface of the pool, the distillers then gather local wood to heat the still and forage in the fertile hills and hedgerows for the juniper and other unique botanicals used to create the gin’s distinctive flavour.

Royal & Agatha Christie connections…

Considered by some as a sacred site, Silent pool is linked to a folklore tale citing that, astride his horse, King John abducted a woodcutter's daughter, who was forced into the deep water and drowned. According to the legend, the maiden can be seen at midnight….

Admired by renowned artists and poets of the past, the Silent Pool also boasts a connection with world-famous crime author Agatha Christie. In December 1926, the renowned writer disappeared, prompting fear that she, too, had drowned in the mysterious pool following the discovery of her car along the road at nearby Newlands Corner. However, the story turned out to be a stunt!

A GIN-tastic Mother’s Day Gift

Back on set, and bringing us back to 2021, having been captivated by such scintillating bygone tales, we raised a first-class glass of gin to Silent Pool Distillers. Sampling their delicious, distinguished drink made for many magical, mouth-watering moments on Monday, savouring exquisite English gin handcrafted in our magnificent county’s hills.

Sipping Silent Pool Gin in the stunning Surrey Hills was some super special treat, and for that, we are eternally grateful. The perfect pairing in more ways than one. Mum was thrilled to bits and, consequently, so was I.

Little did we know, there was even more in store!

Celebrate Mother’s Day virtually… with gin!

Still searching for some #ginspiration for YOUR mum’s present? Keep it simple, luxurious, and local… Head down to your local supermarket and search for the Silent Pool label, or go online…

As the day of the year that calls for dutiful daughters and sons to thank that wonderful female figure in their life, Silent Pool has made it simple to celebrate mothers and the superwomen they are…

With many Mother’s Day celebrations virtual this year, Silent Pool have the solution; serving up a special Mother’s Day Tasting Kit – one for you and one for your mum!

Create a fun-filled video session with their tasting sets, comprising five miniature gins, six tonics, and tasting notes. Add Silent Pool Gin Copa glasses to the kit as an additional treat. Then, all you need to do is call your mum and taste away! Great-quality time with your loved one over some great-quality gin.

Alongside their just-launched Gin Tasting Set for Two (mother and daughter/son), CBD fans can sip on the Colorado High Gin, containing purest CBD grown in the Colorado Rockies.

Mums will adore the Romantic Rose Special Edition, while the Silent Pool Rare Citrus Gin is masterfully distilled to make an innovative and alluring gin with four key, rare citrus fruits at the recipe’s core. Naturally distilled, this exquisitely-crafted gin expertly balances rich layers of bright’n’zesty, subtly-sweet and delicately-spiced flavours. For a truly unique taste experience, complement with Silent Pool Rare Citrus Copa glasses.

Gin-spirational gifts galore…

Still wondering what to treat your mum or mother figure to this Sunday? Worry no more as Silent Pool Distillers has THE perfect gift all wrapped up.

Whatever her wish list, there’s something for all their online shop, where you’re sure to find something to tickle her tastebuds.

For numerous ideas for latest-minute Mother’s Day (and any other day!) presents, visit, where you’ll find a selection of premium Silent Pool products and gin goodies galore.

Purchase gorgeous teal presentation box sets, or select from their exceptional range of small-batch gins.

Your mum not a gin fan? Fear not, these Surrey distillers make a mean Rum, Vermouth, and Wry Grain Vodka, too!

Alongside gins and other spirits aplenty, apt Mother’s Day merchandise include the ultimate Gin Lover’s Candle, or light up her life with their Orange, Mandarin & Bergamot Candle inspired by the botanicals used in Silent Pool Rare Citrus Gin. Housed in an upcycled Rare Citrus bottle, fresh orange, clarifying mandarin and rich, ripe green bergamot exude from this wonderful gift.

Silent Pool also offers gorgeous accessories and apparel… from cool T-shirts and classic crew necks, to ice buckets for her home bar, both gin lovers and non-drinkers will drool over the illuminating bottle string lights, beautiful jute bags, or treat your mum to tasty colourful cordials and Silent Pool room mist, plus those DIVINE luxury teal cushions.

Oh, and mustn’t forget the essential – snap up some lovely-smelling hand sanitisers while you’re there, too!

Personalisation, personalisation, personalisation…

Want to make it personal? You can even customise a beautiful bottle with a photo and text. Silent Pool’s Custom Collection can make Mother’s Day EXTRA special this year… Why not give the gift of a truly thoughtful present and the recognition they deserve?

Lap up the luxury…

Alternatively, go all out and treat your mum or mother figure to The Barnet Hill Hotel Sip, Supper & Sleep Package, which brings together Barnett Hill with Silent Pool Distillers. Just imagine the look on her face as she unwraps a Silent Pool Rare Citrus Gin gift set, complete with signature Copa glasses and a bottle of Rare Citrus Gin, accompanied by a voucher for an overnight stay for two at Barnett Hill. An overnight stay in a luxury super king room includes a three-course dinner for two and breakfast the following morning... something to look REALLY forward to for when restrictions are lifted further in the future, lapping up some 5* luxury along with some special Silent Pool Gin.

Gin on tour

Located in such a scenic Surrey setting, the top team at Silent Pool Gin are also counting down the days until the other lockdowns are lifted, when they will resume their walking tours, distillery visits, parties and events. Plenty to treat your mum to in the future, if you present her with an e-voucher on Mother’s Day!!

Teaming up with the neighbouring Albury Organic Vineyard and other artisans, such as Norbury Park Cheese and Mandira’s Kitchen, both located just a stone’s throw away, gastronomic novices and discerning gourmets alike will adore the Artisan Tasting Days. 

Wine lovers can learn about wine production at family-owned Albury Organic Vineyard, where they’ll become experts on the English wine scene and find out why the Albury Organic estate’s wine is now a ‘must-have’ in many of England’s most luxurious restaurants and hotels.

Sample some of the estate’s delightful flagship wines, including the world-renowned Silent Pool Rosé*, which was served on the Royal Barge during the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, and trial a taste of their limited-release wines and spirits, which Albury open exclusively for the Artisan Tasting Day, before a short walk across the grounds to the Norbury Park Cheese Company, where you’ll discover the history of cheese making before sampling Norbury Park’s remarkable range of handmade artisan cheeses. 

Finishing the tour at the Silent Pool Distillery, relax over a sumptuous lunch and enjoy a G&T from a complimentary Copa glass, before a guided tour reveals the secrets behind what makes award-winning Silent Pool Gin unique. And it doesn’t end there… at cocktail o’clock, take in a talk on the development and creation of distinctive cocktail combinations and flavours. 

G&T parties!

From private parties and business meetings with gin on tap, to indulgent, classic English afternoon tea affairs, Silent Pool’s expert events team can arrange bespoke events for any occasions.

The luxury brand can even bring along the magic of the Silent Pool Distillery to your event at home! Offering private talks, gin tasting evenings plus a G&T bar, simply leave everything to the experts to ensure a highly-successful, stress-free event.

Simply the best…

Of course, now my favourite tipple, they have a positively GLOWING testimonial from me…

Mums deserve the best, and on Monday, that’s what my mum got. My unbeatable meet-up with my own mother was EXTRA special, courtesy of this fabulous craft gin brand. I was beyond thrilled to be able to meet up with my amazing mum again after so many months apart. And to celebrate Mother’s Day early, courtesy of the fantastic Silent Pool Gin (and Boris!), surrounded by beautiful flowers, gin in hand, at what must be the county’s, if not country’s, best place for a view, and my Grandma’s favourite spot, made for the best reunion we could ever have wished for!

What a wonderful event…. And what better way to spend it than with my mum and a top G&T.

But This is not just ANY gin... this is SILENT POOL GIN!

My mum’s special message? “Thanks so much to Silent Pool Gin for arranging such a very memorable reunion with my lovely daughter Angela at Newlands Corner,” adds Mum. “They had even laid on some sunshine for us! Our first non-virtual meeting since December… such a treat!”

Mother’s ruin? Not this Gin - Mother’s making more like! This very special gin is for making magical memories... a particularly poignant celebration in such a very special spot, words can’t express our gratitude.

Thanks so much, Silent Pool Gin - you ROCK!”

Chin chin! Gin gin!


Silent Pool Gin and other gifts are available online at

As a gesture of support for our amazing emergency services, Silent Pool is currently offering a 20% discount blue-light card holders and NHS keyworkers.

For further information, visit and watch this space for more exciting gin-fuelled news coming soon!

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Angela & Carole were styled by Vaishali @vzperfection (couture) and @vz_collections

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